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Solarize South Carolina

The neighbor-to-neighbor solar campaign for our state
March 15, 2021

Solarize South Carolina Is Back!

Greenville, SC: Solarize South Carolina, an innovative on-the-ground and online residential solar program designed to help South Carolinians go solar and save on electricity costs, is once again available to South Carolinians. With solar making a renewed push in South Carolina and the post-Covid economy opening up, there has never been a better time to go solar in South Carolina.

Solarize South Carolina ( is a community initiative designed to make it easy to go solar. Solarize South Carolina is a partnership lead by the non-profit organization, SmartPower, local community leaders, cities and towns, organizations and businesses. Dividend Finance – a leading national lending partner that offers $0-down loans to customers “going solar” is partner and Renu Energy Solutions, a local solar energy installer serves as the approved solar vendor for the duration of the campaign.

“Back in 2015, South Carolina helped us set the solar standard when we first launched Solarize South Carolina,” said Brian F. Keane, President of SmartPower. “And now that the solar energy market is poised for dramatic growth nationwide, we are excited to have South Carolina once again lead the way in Solarizing the USA!”

Solarize is an award winning and proven “group buy” residential solar program that is accelerating the growth of solar in many cities across the United States. In this on-the-ground and online community campaign, South Carolinians can talk about solar, ask questions and find answers from people they know and trust. And when they do, then they realize that indeed, solar makes sense for South Carolina.

There are many reasons for South Carolinians to go solar:

• Financial Benefit: Solar power keeps your electric bills low.

• Zero Down Loans: The Solarize SC program – as well as many solar programs and installers -- offer access to $0-down financing options.

• Energy Independence: We talk a lot about our nation’s dependence on foreign oil. By

owning solar, you can actually be a part of the solution.

• Local Jobs: Solar brings jobs to South Carolina. These are boots-on-the-roof jobs that can’t be outsourced!

• Health & the Environment: In this age of Covid-19, it may go without saying, but the environment and health have always been linked. Going solar helps make our communities cleaner and our skies clearer.

"Solar is good for all our communities and it’s good for South Carolina," said Eric White, CEO of Dividend Finance, one of the partners of Solarize South Carolina. “One of the first Solarize Campaigns we ever participated in was right here in South Carolina. These community-based campaigns helped prove that Solar makes sense for South Carolina. And so, it only makes sense that we return to South Carolina to Solarize again.”

South Carolina is building momentum behind renewable energy, which will help set the state as a leader in solar power and solar energy jobs for the next decade. A key driver in this effort has been Former Congressman Bob Inglis, (R-SC). Rep. Inglis has also been a strong supporter of Solarize South Carolina and a leader of “Solarize Travelers Rest” and “Solarize Greenville” back in 2015. Once again Congressman Inglis is adding his voice to bring Solarize back to South Carolina.

“South Carolinians know a good thing when they see it,” said Congressman Inglis. “And Solarize South Carolina is a program that helps our entire state. We all win when our communities and our homes Solarize. We will create a clean energy economy right here at home, we will create more energy capacity and we will be part of the climate solution. It’s pretty exciting. So it’s a no-brainer to say, ‘let’s Solarize South Carolina!’”

To learn more about how you and your community can be part of Solarize South Carolina, visit


About SmartPower:

SmartPower is an award-winning nonprofit organization that works on behalf of municipalities, utilities, businesses, foundations, state agencies and the federal government to turbo-charge energy efficiency and renewable energy efforts. Through innovative on-the-ground campaigns using friendly competitions and challenges, SmartPower is able to create measurable results and save energy. (